CCS was founded in 1997 by two cardiologists with a single vision: better clinical trial management through more effective integration of thought leader, site, and patient perspectives. To this day, these core values guide our mission to drive development of novel cardiovascular therapeutics and diagnostics, lower barriers to innovation, and advance approaches to patient care.

At its heart, CCS is the marriage of an academic research organization (ARO) and a contract research organization (CRO) — with thought leaders, the site relationships of an ARO, and the client focus and scale of a commercial CRO, CCS’ strengths make us the ideal partner for your global drug or medtech study.

CCS Through the Years: Trial Experience

Over the course of three decades specializing in cardiovascular research, CCS teams have accumulated a rare depth and breadth of experience, which we leverage to help our clients avoid potential pitfalls before they impact timelines or budgets.


From single-center Phase I studies to 5,000-patient pivotal trials, our staff have the experience to navigate complexity with ease.

CCS Differentiators

  • Specialized cardiovascular expertise
  • Scientific acumen
  • Operational rigor
  • Global reach