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CCS Site Services:

Central Business Development - By utilizing a niche focused marketing strategy, CCS will work diligently on behalf of the sites to solicit new study opportunities in the area of cardiovascular disease that involve innovative and promising therapeutics to benefit patients.

Central Budget/Contract Negotiation - With the establishment of a master agreement with all the sites within the network, CCS can then deal directly with sponsors on one contract and eliminate the need for sites to get involved in reviewing each study agreement. In addition, with the extensive knowledge of CCS' clinical and financial staff, we are able to develop fair and realistic budgets that are acceptable to both sponsors and sites.

Central Regulatory Document Collection - Working with the sites, CCS staff can ensure that sites receive, process and deliver all the required pre-study documentation while also reviewing the paperwork prior to submittal for any discrepancies.

Contract Management - CCS recognizes the significant up-front financial burden that sites endure before the sponsor provides patient compensation. As a result, CCS acts as an advocate for the site by providing an efficient mechanism of obtaining compensation that utilizes the enrollment logs to trigger sponsor invoicing and the subsequent payment to the sites of patient activity on the trials.

Quality Management - CCS works with sites in providing personnel training, site audits, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and study specific training with an emphasis on improving the site's performance and adherence to the various governmental and sponsor requirements.

Advocacy - Being a single site on a trial can be a very isolating experience for an investigator. As a part of CCS network, site personnel have an conduit in which to receive information on the particulars of a trial from the front lines while also being able to utilize the large presence of CCS as a vehicle to communicate to the sponsor concerns or issues that are critical to successful completion of the trial.

Investigator Initiated Research - As CCS sites gain the knowledge and experience of clinical research they may desire, with the involvement of the CCS network, to perform some of their own clinical research and as such further expand the academic reputation of the consortium.

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